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The Montessori School for the Arts

Dr. Maria Montessori, an Italian physician, devoted her life to helping children realize their fullest ability and humanity. 

We are proud of a longstanding reputation in our community as the “best place for children to learn and grow”.

The Montessori Method is based upon deep respect for each child as a unique and creative being whose work is the miraculous process of growth through exploration and discovery.  Special methods and materials in a prepared learning environment promote this learning process.

Learning to Love Learning

The aim of The Montessori School for the arts is to reach the needs of the whole child and provide preparation for living. We believe that a curriculum that offers immersion in the arts will enrich learning and, ultimately, enrich living.

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We are a Florida VPK Provider.

Readiness Rate 100%

Children 4 years of age by Sept 1 are eligible for VPK



Rates, Schedules & Registration

At The Montessori School for the arts, we are devoted to helping children prepare to take a place in their world as active, creative, thoughtful human beings. We strive to teach peace in a social environment that nurtures love and respect for each person. We want children to learn the joy of learning as a basis for future success in school and life.